Input 12v – 14.5v
Elements are woven carbon fibre in glass tubes X 4
Elements rated 12v 125W
Heater output @ 12v = 500W
Current draw on max settings @ 14v = 50A (Current draw can climb to approx 50A operating circa 14v).
Heater is not designed to run on a battery that is not receiving charge, optimum output is above 13.5V
Fan is dual ball brushless and puts out 179cfm
Electrical and switching
Main positive and negative leads are 8 B&S and need to be connected directly to the vehicle battery.
Switch assembly has a negative lead that can screw to the vehicle and a positive lead with a 5A fuse that can be connected to accessories or ignition.
Main unit has a 50A bi-metallic circuit breaker installed internally and includes a 50A circuit breaker on the positive lead at the battery end.
Main unit also has two relays mounted internally, one controls low heat (2 elements) and low fan, the other controls high heat (4 elements) and high fan.
The unit also has a preset digital temperature control regulator to prevent internal overheating.
The fan can operate without the heater elements on, this will blow cabin temp air.  Firstly turn on ignition and rotate fan switch clockwise to get fan speed one, further again for fan speed two.
Once a fan speed has been selected the white led surrounding the switch bezel will illuminate.
To operate heat you need at least fan speed one engaged otherwise the HEAT and DEFROST buttons will not illuminate and the heater will not heat. This is a safety feature to prevent element overheat.
Select fan speed one then press the heat button, you will see the red led around the heat button glow, this commands the heater to operate two elements and a low fan speed.
Select fan speed two and all four elements will come on as well as the high fan speed.
To turn the heat function off press the heat button a second time, the red led will go out and the heater elements will disengage. To engage the DEFROST function press the DEFROST button with at least fan speed one selected, this will open the butterfly valve in the ‘Air diverter’ to allow airflow through it. Press the button again and the valve will close shutting airflow off through the air diverter once again… this is a separate part to the main unit but does come with this kit.
The unit is designed to operate in a recirculatory environment with no introduction to air sources outside the area that needs to be heated.
Air intake is at the rear of the unit and this needs to be free of any restrictions to ensure adequate operational airflow is achieved.
Air expulsion is at the front of the unit via two 63mm outlets that accept flexible duct that can be clamped to them.
Fan pushes 179cfm on high
Defrost function
The DEFROST option is included with this heater and allows, with the press of a switch, to activate a ‘Y’ air divider that has a servo controlled butterfly flap inside it to either allow or shut off airflow to the windscreen.
The heaters do not come with flexible duct or windscreen air outlets, these items can be purchased separately.