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‘EVO II Climate Changer’ (540mm wide) Air conditioning with 12V Heating **No engine water required for the heater**


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The Climate Changer EVO II
The Climate Changer series of units that we build are the only units available on the market that is equipped with A/C and 12v Electric Heating.
Designed and built in Bundaberg, Queensland


Anodized T5052 Aluminium construction


Please check dimensions carefully to see if it will fit behind your dash.


Unit dimensions


Width = 540mm (Not including mounting brackets in these dimensions)


Maximum height = 268mm from the top of the TX Valve to the lowest point of the sump


Maximum depth = 196mm Front to back


This unit has four 63mm outlets on the top of it.
The unit will come with a 4 button control panel with 19mm dia switches, Length 114mm x Height 32mm.


Controller will be to suit panel mounting with 4 x functions


1. FAN = 2 speed fan switch lights up with a white LED halo
2. A/C = A/C on button features a blue LED halo
3. HEAT = Heater button features a red LED halo (Electric heater draws 45A).
4. DEFROST = Defrost ‘Y’ Diverter features a yellow LED halo
It also comes with 4 metres of 63mm flex duct, a ‘Y’ Air diverter with servo controlled butterfly valve that you can mount away from the unit to control defrost airflow to the windscreen.  The EVO II Features 3 x side mounting points and two mounting points on the front face.
Solid barrel fan airflow 580 m3/h
This unit needs to be run in a vehicle with an alternator operating as the carbon fibre heater elements require as close to 14v as possible to reach their operating temperature.  Bench testing with just a battery will not achieve the required voltage.

You will still require a compressor, condenser, receiver drier, hoses etc.

Additional information

Additional information

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Dimensions62 × 40 × 30 cm